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High School Option

We are excited to offer a co-op day tailored to the needs of the high schoolers (and their parents). We know the strain on a homeschooled high-schooler's schedule with the demands of increased workload, extracurricular activities, and possibly a job.  

We want to help by offering several rigorous classes that will count for credit.  The students will get to be part of an awesome group of peers once a week with additional opportunities to participate in field trips and other group activities.  

The parents should not need to "teach" any of the material for these classes during the year.  Our paid independent contractor instructors will provide the syllabus, homework schedule, in-class activities, and grading of assignments.  With that said, the homeschool parent is still in control and can add more to the workload for these classes if they wish.  

Our elective classes will not count toward credit but should provide a quality learning opportunity.  


Mondays from 9:00am – 1:45pm at CBC (500 N 10th St – Central Point) 

Sept 2023 – May 2024; 30 in-person class meetings


$1400/year (optional $200 discount with parent participation)


Biology with Steve Holst

History with Rachel Nevin

Electives (3 different during year) – ex: Shakespeare, Sewing, Debate

Biology with Steve Holst

M.Ed Science Curriculum and Instruction; Certified Science/Math – Oregon

Textbook: Discovering Design with Biology Berean Builders; Authors – Dr. Paul Madtes Jr, Dr. Jay Wiles

Course DescriptionThis is a college-prep biology course taught from a Christian worldview. It will provide an exciting  in-depth look into the amazing world of living things through a detailed introduction to the methods and concepts of  general biology. With a strong emphasis on vocabulary and experiments, the course provides the student with a solid background in biology.  Throughout the course students will recognize the incredible difficulties in attempting to explain life from a materialistic perspective.  It also will instill a deep appreciation for the beauty, complexity and design of life as God created it. Dissections will be a significant part of the 2nd half of the course (earthworm, crayfish, perch, frog, and possibly a cow eyeball).  


History with Rachel Nevin


Textbook: The Mystery of History Volume IV; Author – Linda Lacour Hobar

Course Description: This history course focuses on the time period from the Wars of Independence (1708 AD) to Modern Times and is taught from a Christian worldview. The course will consist of in-class “pre-tests,” classroom discussions, mapping and fun hands-on activities; as well as at-home reading and weekly review quizzes/activities. There will be several projects/presentations and Semester Tests. 



CP Co-op: coop@arrowschc.com

CP Academy: Hilary.Cooper@arrowschc.com

GP Academy: Amie.Blore@arrowschc.com

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