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If my child is enrolled at Arrows Academy, what are they considered in the eyes of the ‘state’?

Great question! Arrows is called an “Academy” and is commonly referred to as “school” by many students and parents alike, however, Arrows is actually classified as a 501c3 support group and is not a school. Students are considered independent homeschoolers as far as the State of Oregon is concerned and parents must register with the county Education Service District as well as follow the state testing requirements in 3rd, 5th, 8th and 10th grades. There are numerous, easy ways to complete this state testing locally and the tests are not overly difficult. 

Are there volunteer requirements of parents?

Arrows Academy requires a small amount of parent participation throughout the year. Specifically, we require that one parent must serve as a P.O.C. (Parent On Campus) for a total of 5 full class days per student throughout the year (max of 10 days/year per family). P.O.C’s help with a variety of things throughout the day. These tasks may include supervising drop off, recesses, lunch time, and pick up as well as assisting in classrooms as needed. Arrangements can be made for a grandparent or other family member to fill this role if needed. Sign ups will be available for parents to choose their volunteer dates on a first-come, first serve basis at the beginning of each quarter. All volunteers must complete a background check at least 2 weeks prior to helping in class.

Since I am considered a homeschooler, is it legal for someone else to teach my child part time, as Arrows Academy does?

Yes! It is absolutely legal! The State of Oregon has very few limitations on homeschoolers and does not mandate who actually educates your child, simply that your child be educated.


Can I be enrolled at a charter school as well as with Arrows Academy?

Yes. Arrows Academy provides a very unique partnership with parents. It is important that parents use the curriculum chosen by the teachers and strive to stay on track with the classroom and teacher provided schedules each week as much as possible. When fully embraced at school and at home, our program provides a rich and complete education for our students. We believe enrollment in additional academic programs (including and especially charter schools) has the potential to complicate the academic requirements and place unnecessary demands on the student/parent. However, we are leaving this important decision up to families to decided.

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